Under instructions

To blog, anyway.

After Saturday’s effort my legs are still sore. Yesterday was a rubbish day at work and I had no inclination to run which, with a pair of sore calves, was all the encouragement I needed to slack off. I also had an oddly sore knee. Nothing has hurt during runs, it’s not bad at all, but something’s not perfect and i’m thinking long term, so not caning it.

Well, today was no better than yesterday. Didn’t get to stop all morning, at all. In fact things have got so bad i’ve resorted to sitting in the car at lunchtime to allow me to escape the constant barrage of queries that aren’t allowing me to focus on my job at all – everyone else’s worries are clearly so much more important than my own i’m not allowed to think about them! Perfect. Well perfect for encouraging me to leave the office at bang on 5 and go for a run, anyway.

Today, I wore far too thick a top and started sweating immediately, despite my pace being slower than i’ve run for over two months. It’s nice that a “recovery” pace still¬†averages under 8 minute miles, which says loads for how much i’ve been pushing things, but the soreness in my legs feels as bad now as before so the pace is going to drop further to allow a good recovery for London preparation in about 4 weeks time.

Everything is going to be focused on that for the next short while. If I actually get to complete London, i’ll have achieved my goal. I know things won’t go perfectly (I haven’t had a cold or hint of illness for 9 months so i’m due something there, at least), I know i’ll pick up niggling injuries at best. But if I can complete, i’ll be happy. Sub 4 hour is goal number two. Target pace of 3.40 is goal number three. That’s a minute a mile below Royal Parks Half pace. If I can slow myself that much, it should be a miracle but i’ve proved before that if I go for pace I won’t get out there at all and that can’t happen again. Not after 5 years of applications.

Fingers crossed and it’s preparation all the way.

It feels like i’m ready to start at last. 5 months of letting off work being crap steam in the direction of a race goal.



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