Slip Sliding Away

The new house has, like all those i’ve moved into before with hindsight, brought along a deterioration in the weather. Friday missing work provided the opportunity to get things a stage more sorted. Yesterday was, to be honest, so cold and snow covered that a run would have been foolish. So I didn’t.

In 4 months, however, i’ve a marathon to win. December has produced two runs so far. One last Monday, at 3 miles just a run out. Today couldn’t be missed. So, having visited Dad for his birthday this morning I put a bolt on the garage door after lunch (which needs tidying with some proper washers, not the cobbled on brackets to space the coachbolts as i’ve fitted so far. Just wanted to secure the second side before being away for 4 days) and then got kitted up for a run.

The nasty, nasty, nasty Royal Parks violet shirt was put into use as a base layer, hat and gloves donned and a plan for a circuit of the local rough as housing estate planned. No mileage planned, just a hope to not fall over while getting a first local run outed.

It was horrible.

The first few hundred yards were along the main road to Tesco, footpath icy as hell so I ran in the road. The immediate left and all ensuing roads were a maze of paths that stopped and crossed the road, cycle lanes that did likewise, sections with no discernable paths at all and all around new (ish) housing estates.

Talk about building without pedestrian traffic in mind. It’s abysmal. And just a touch depressing, to be honest.

Still, I was keeping my footing despite lots of slips and sections where running form was forgotten to balance. One section of no footpath was livened up by a car crashing into the verge ahead instead of navigating the sheet ice corner he was attempting to turn – the same corner I had to avoid both slipping over on and being hit by errent straight ahead moving cars in a few seconds. I think, despite the ice, it was my fastest section!

Then, after a huge “not sure where I am but the sun direction tells me it’s about right” loop, I was returning to home for a quick loop up the cinder track we found a few weeks ago, then home.

Got cold on the last mile as the sun set, but generally my temperature was good.

A fair run, if dull, to open the Ashford account with (excepting the 10k race last year, of course).

Naples tomorrow. Maybe a little run if i’m feeling brave, but time may be short so who knows.

Merry Christmas all, in case things go wrong on the return flight. I’ll be running Christmas day (with Cathy, despite her protests) and it’ll all be good.


3 responses to “Slip Sliding Away

  1. I’m not running on Christmas day. So there.

  2. Well done on getting out in this weather. I’m impressed by anyone who can keep upright when it is so slippy.

    Enjoy Naples

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