Just turn left

After getting a bit panicky having checked the quantity of weekends until London and finding there to be two fewer than my training schedule demands, it seemed prudent to do two things.

1) Throw the schedule out of the window.

2) Go for a run.

Unfortunately, i’m not a good enough athlete to train for 26 miles without some form of guideline, so i’ll be aiming to cobble something together to do away with item 1.

It was well within my control to execute option 2, though, so I planned an 8 mile route towards that countryside thing away from the house that all seemed very simple.

Cathy came back from a ride and declared it very inconvenient indeed that the road shown on Google was, in fact, a dirt track. With this in mind, my planning of having written the route on my hand seemed sensible. Along the road, bear left, stay on the road bearing right until 2 miles, turn right, second right, next right, next right, next right and home.


So how, at two miles, when I bore left, did I end up on a housing estate to nowhere – no road, no route, nothing? I did half a mile investigating, only to come to the conclusion the landowner must have sold the road and everything to the developers and not told Google. Or, possibly, the highways agency.

I’ll investigate properly in the daylight tomorrow.

Until then, I looped around and went somewhere I knew. Unfortunately, this happened to be a dual carriageway.

It doesn’t look good on SportTracks, it wasn’t very clever, it was certainly not very pleasant, but with a big loop, then a small one behind the house, I stumbled up to 7.25 miles and considered it a run done. With a certainty that i’ll be using the next week to scope out some long runs in preparation for the huge efforts I have to put in soon.

Hope I work them out before I need to get around them – 7 years in the old house still threw up a couple of new roads in my schedule, but at least I knew roughly where they’d lead me. Here, despite sort of knowing the area, my internal compass needs re-calibrating.

Could be fun on the mileage front, though!


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