Ch ch ch changes? Nope. F f f f freezing!

Yesterday was going to be run day.

Maybe I should cut and paste that for this  marathon campaign – seems to be happening a fair bit already. But the run quality is holding up, so not to worry. Not yet, at any rate.

Yesterday was sacked off in favour of family visits, shopping and evening preparation and entertainment. Today held no excuse. Got up, did a bit of conservatory floor removal (something else to add to the list of bodges around the house – it’s wet in there, the damp course is bridged, the outside drain is directing the water in and the floor itself is both a bad specification, rotten and needed to be outed to check if remedials do the job. It’ll be a long list when i’m done…) and the plan was to run around 11 o’clock. Then I checked the weather.

What i’d hoped would be a bright morning to burn off the ice from the parent’s hill to allow motorbike retrieval in the afternoon showed to be the opposite. A bright morning and snow around lunch. So a hurried call got the bike collection brought forward.

I hate winter riding. Doing it down an icy hill, last time I tried (in snow and ice, it should be added), resulted in a small crash. Thankfully on someone else’s 250 Suzuki. That wasn’t about to happen to my own pride and joy and the ice had cleared anough for a route to be picked out down the clear bit. Then, halfway home, the blizzard started. Not an ideal way to get the bike back, but it’s here now. And after a good cleaning session, lunch and consideration, the run started. In full heavyweight fleece.

Man, was I cold.

Selected a new “can’t go wrong” route – just turn right – and it worked! 3 of the roads were horribly icy and slippery but generally, despite warming up after 15 minutes, then freezing after 35 minutes, i’ve found a new favourite road. Lovely low hedges, views across fields, snakey, just over a mile long and so minor, the car risk is low low low. Very nice.

A loop of 8.2 miles was merrily outed, an hour later I was warm again and so, at 5.43 tomorrow morning, I can look forward to another year at work.

Oh happy, happy joy joy.



One response to “Ch ch ch changes? Nope. F f f f freezing!

  1. Like you my alarm goes of 5.50 and I spring ut of bed to rush into work once of course I have scraped the ice of the car!

    On the positive side we have had the shortest day and things can only get better ( after February that is).

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