Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

Modification formulae

Ah, another ages old motorbike magazine (circa 1989, I think. An Italian freelancer testing a Ducati 851. Not seen the magazine since about 1995 but it’s somewhere in my brother’s collection if I need to check) reference that popped into my head while out for tonight’s run.

The reason it’s there is owing to the change that was undertaken in my running style to cope with the mixture of clear path (2%), ice (10%), slush (1%), road crossings (3%) and compacted snow, some sledge marked, some just walked on.

It turned out to be a very entertaining run. Slow, but entertaining. The stride turned into a short, delicate affair with much backwards slippage when I tried to lengthen it. The corners were very carefully taken. The overall effect was to imagine trying not to break rhythm while trying to tread as lightly as if on eggshells.

I think, overall, it was a pleasant change that broke up my first hard training week since last March. My legs feel ok (not really ready for a massive run on Saturday, but they’ve a day to rest). It was cold but nothing compared to what the forecasters are predicting we’ll suffer when the raw easterlies hit us after tomorrow. It was snowing lightly in the air. It’s winter.

Ah, well, get on with it I guess. Just hope i’m not stuck on the motorway for 4 hours again tomorrow.