One more out of the way

Despite the weather attempting to really make me annoyed, a flash of inspiration yesterday afternoon made me phone the parents for a weather report from the coast. The report was good. They only had half an inch of snow on the ground. Compared to my 7 odd inches, that’s a result.

This morning, evidence of thaw was great, but not nearly enough to allow a run. So off I trundled to Sandgate for an 11 mile seafront oddysey.

The strangest thing was the temperature being lower at the coast than inland, only matched by the promenade being covered in slush, while the northernmost footpath was clear as a bell. So while it seemed odd that the salt hadn’t been doing a very good job, it seemed odder that I was 15 yards from the wet stuff but due to the wall, could only see it from afar as I peered over the barrier on an angle.

The run itself was nasty. I wasn’t really well fuelled or wanting to go 11 miles, to be honest. The first 3 miles were far too fast, I looped around the Hythe seafront for 3 odd miles before returning towards Sandgate, the roads being busier making things seem more depressing somehow, but as Ipassed the car I still had 1.5 miles to go. Which, when the car was parked at the bottom of Sandgate Hill, wasn’t a nice prospect. Still, up I went albeit at a slowed pace. Then looped around my old paper round route, back to the car, changed into some dry clothes and collected a breaker to remove the knackered drain around the conservatory as my method of recovery from the run.

A busy day, 11miles outed and the training goals just about intact.

Now…will the snow and ice piss off now, please – I want to start enjoying the miles again!


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