Tonight was the last Tuesday for 12 weeks that I got to do 3 miles, the rest of the plan being to up things to 4 and 5 milers.

Which should have been cause for happiness and celebration that I only needed to be out for around 24 minutes.

Unfortunately I have a blister that’s still raw on my right third toe (unidentified immediately after Saturday. I’ve never had a blister in the Asics before, so hope it’s either due to them being a) worn out (new pair ordered for delivery this week, hopefully) and b) the torrential rain and verge diversions leading to swelling and roughness. If not, i’m simply falling apart, I fear) to go with the pair of nipples that have just started to scab over. The discomfort as I creamed my nips and took off the trainer and sock to apply some of the same to my toe to try to ease the soreness wasn’t boding well for a happy run.

Still, as it turned out, things got better as I got underway – I did 1.5 miles downhill towards the town for a change then turned around and plodded back up, keeping my toe safe and easing myself back into running.

Knowing things won’t be healed for tomorrow’s 6 miles isn’t promising but i’ll cross that bridge when I arrive at it.

One response to “Bother

  1. Hi, a couple of tips sprang to mind when reading your blog. You may already know them, but in case not, here they are:

    The first relates to your blister. I would always get them on a wet long run due to the skin being softer when wet. I soon identified that it was always in the same place so now if I need to run in wet conditions I wrap that part of my toe in microporus tape. It can also help if you already have a slight blister to cover it with the same tape. You can pick it up in a pharmacy and it’s really cheap.

    The second tip relates to the nips! I use a great barrier gel called “Friction Zone” by “Brave Soldier”. The name sounds lame, but the product is excellent and saw me through my training and the London Marathon last year.


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