Mid week done

Another hopeless day at work almost lead to me giving up and going home. If it weren’t for the little run in 13 weeks, i’d have done just that which if nothing else proves the value of races as goals in keeping the sofa lust at bay.

So with heavy heart but surprisingly sprightly legs I set off with a goal of a circuit of Shepway, third only in the rough stakes to Parkwood (highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe) and Man Gravet (residents can’t work out how to procreate which keeps them off top scoring Parkwood). Not to say I didn’t run past both of the others on my route, it’s just that I wasn’t brave enough to go through them.

A loop was in mind but, as usual, things looked different on legs to in the car and I missed a turn up a one way street and added an unknown loop which, as it turned out, gave me perfect mileage back at site for 6 miles. The loop was a little rolling in nature so ups and downs averaged a nice pace which, combined with a little rain starting as I got back in the car, made a surprisingly upbeat run.

Roll on more of the same.


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