I have, just before writing this, been on that well know auction website and discovered that some dirty man in Wales wants me to bid vast amounts of money on my dream skateboard deck, truck and wheel combination. It’s simply not fair. Perfect, but not fair. He’s also offering a rubbish deck (me and my brother gave one away in the eighties, they’re so poor) with runner up dream trucks and dream wheels. Well, green Kryps, anyway, which are great if number two dream to orange ones. Both auctions end at similar times. How will I fare if I snipe both and win both? Ah, skint to the tune of a lawnmower, I fear, so it mustn’t be done. So what to do? I simply don’t know at the moment. I’ll sleep on it.

Oh. and I did the planned 3 miles with no problems.

Gullwing HPG IV’s, lime green Kryps and a red Fibreflex…inconsiderate bastard! How’s he kept hold of it without riding it for so long? I’d do it some justice! Still, there is a new similar board (Bennett trucks…bleurgh!) – yep, new deck, trucks and wheels, targeted at America, judging by the listing, which the bidding starts at over £500, so maybe I should snap up a relative bargain while it’s in this country…

Sorry, was this a running blog?

One response to “Lust

  1. Ooh… the skateboard sounds fantastic but it IS a lot of money. But there again, it IS a classic trucks / wheels combo. Ironically, around about 1977 when these were all the rage, the whole lot would’ve set you back about 80 quid!!!!

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