I should’ve posted this yesterday, really, but the afternoon got a bit busy and I went out in the evening, so here it is a bit late.

The title came to me as I saw my first flock of the year, heading north over Shadoxhurst as I drove home from both the run and work. Not a nice thing to occur but some scaffold needed dropping, it was late notice to expect anyone else to cover it, scaffold is my responsibility, so I drew myself the short straw and went in. Then forced myself to do the 9 miles planned as a loop from site to Sutton Valence and back to site via Shepway and despite there being no deviations from the direct lap, it was 9 miles exactly. To the hundredth.

It wasn’t a bad run, a bit late after eating for my fuelling preference, but it all went well. The first bit and last bit are my summer site run through the lanes and the current winter alternative route but the middle bit hasn’t been run before. Despite it being my least favourite part of the old (before I moved) cycle to work, it’s not a bad run and I averaged an easier, quicker pace than expected.

But that’s all in the past and this afternoon has overtaken such thoughts with the excitement, worry and guilt of an E-Bay auction.

I’ve bid on a few Fibreflex skateboard decks and lost them all. They’ve all been decent decks with rubbish wheels and trucks, but still go for well over £100 despite some having considerable damage to the nose. I bid on the only set of GullWing HPG IV split axle trucks i’ve seen but lost it as the price went through the roof despite the rest of the deck being rubbish. They used to be the best but were pricey and are now rare. Very rare. And Green Kryptonic 70mm wheels are rare enough that a set of NOS ones has just been registered with a starting bid of £300. Silly money.

But I have some money sat in a book in the lounge since before I moved – kept for a holiday spend, extravagant something, treat or rainy day.

Sorry, had.

I’ve just spent it.

I am now awaiting delivery of a red Fibreflex deck (no direct picture of the nose and tail so i’m expecting some damage but hopefully not too bad – the overall picture looks decent enough), Gullwing HPG IV split axle trucks and some green 70mm Kryptonics all pieced together as the best board i’ve ever seen.

The overall condition looks good but i’m intending riding it, so it’ll soon be a lot worse, i’m sure. Despite the cost, I reckon these things used to be considered the best, were built to be ridden and so shall be. It’s amazing to see a perfect one in a photo or on display, but why? Isn’t it nice to see an exotic car being used on road or track, as it was intended to be, rather than mothballed in a collection? I think so. And while i’m not going to thrash it to bits, it’ll certainly see some use on seafront promenades around the country, as well as the local supermarket car park if I find the enthusiasm.

I’m more than a little bit excited.

But you’re all probably bored now, so i’ll leave things until it arrives and I can report on it’s condition. Who knows, I may break the habit of a lifetime and post a photo on here to show it off.

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