New shoes

My latest ordered pair of trainers arrived at the weekend, unfortunately not in time for that run, but today was a perfect opportunity to break them in ready for a 14 miler on Saturday.

Unfortunately my legs feel really tired and the run was a slog, no matter what the new footwear may have added. They are, however,a lovely pair of last winter’s colour Asics Gel Cumulus 11 – I figured the update from my Cumulus 10’s that I bought two pairs of for last year wasn’t enough to upset all the good things I felt about them, so waded in a bought them without having felt a pair, much less try them on.

I can confirm that to my untrained feet and legs, they feel identical. Lovely and fresh and bouncy and crisp, but the same. They might have nice colours, a different sole pattern, a new style of this and that, but the footbed and cushioning and feel as my foot touches down seems as close to identical as it’s possible for a pair of 500 milers, a pair of 250 milers and the new ones to be.

Which is excellent – the last thing I wanted was to upset the applecart.

Unlike the warnings of impending doom I got from Andy regarding the new skateboard – he may be right in suggesting caution in first rides while training for the longest awaited personal goal in my life (if you count my desire to race London since I saw the very first one on telly until now as a personal goal – I am, and it’s my keyboard!), but he may be ignored! I’ll see, but I can’t see me staying off it for long if I find a dry, smooth, salt free section of macadam and the timing suits!

ps. I seem to be on the first page of Google when I type in Gullwing split axle trucks as a search term now…does that mean my blog is getting somewhat distracted by my geekiness? Still, it’s not as good as Steve Sear and his girlfriend being 3rd on the page of Google images…what’s worse is, he proudly told me of the fact. Vain? Searching your own name on Google Images? Ah, the youth of today!

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