Daily Archives: January 27, 2010

Wrong clothes

As I left the site office at 5.20 on the start of the run, I noticed a couple of drops of light rain passing the floodlight but thought no more of it than to hope it didn’t get any worse. Not “i’ve got my rain jacket, will be out for an hour or so, might as well put it on just in case”. Not “if I get wet, i’ll get cold and that will be unpleasant”. Not “i’m only wearing a jumper and tee shirt – it’s hardly winter training clobber”. Oh, no.

Well, I can exclusively reveal…I am a dick.

About half a mile in and I realised it was indeed raining pretty hard. I had my hat on, but my hands were getting colder and I was feeling pretty heavy. Mostly due to absorbed water. The rain did indeed ease after about 2 miles, then came down again between 3 and 4 miles, then it was fine. And to be true, I didn’t get fully wet through, just chilly and a bit miserable about things. But 7 uneventful miles (except not being able to see much with a load of water and occasional misting up on the glasses) passed in exactly 56 minutes and, a mere two and a half hours later, after having the car heater on full for the 35 minute drive home, I think i’m thawing out.

If only tomorrow wasn’t a 7 o’clock start and 9 o’clock finish, I might have something to be cheerful about.

Hope the skateboard doesn’t turn up…getting home at 9.45 and getting excited wouldn’t lead to a happy night’s sleep, even if the long day wears me out.

Bored now. Can someone make Spring arrive, please? The dark is getting me down and i’ve a huge lawn to mow. And trees to trim. And vegetables to dig, sow and cultivate. And a greenhouse to buy. And and and.

Ah, sleep beckons.