Daily Archives: January 31, 2010

Still cold

Yesterday turned into one of those hectic days that ends up with some great achievement but at the cost of being so tired, it’s daft.

Friday saw me feeling so sleepy all day I wasn’t sure i’d make it to the end, so an early start was all I didn’t need. But with a party 150 miles away to attend in the evening, a mate to catch up with in the pub first, a car and pushbike to clean and 14 miles to run…I had no choice.

The party was ace but suffice to say i’m now just about dead in my chair after the return 150 mile drive, a couple of hours gunning out the unfit conservatory drain, a trip to the shops and cooking pizza in the Rayburn (300 degrees C, a pizza stone and some confidence – best pizza yet!). A good day.

The run yesterday was a mixed affair. So cold, I really didn’t want to leave the house. It wasn’t particularly warm in here but outside, it was soooooooo cold. I like chilly days but am now being worn right down and have little patience for them. 11 seperate items of clothing is a step too far, I fear.

The first mile was silly quick – a combination of trying to warm up, being full of fuel (breakfast, banana, Orbana energy drink i’m trying – i’ll review next week after a second go, but it seemed pretty good yesterday) and wanting the run over and done with. All the other miles were reasonable – I decided to loop the entirety of Ashford. I live beyond the South of the town, took a varied route to the extreme West side, looped to the extreme North on the Faversham road, headed to the extreme East on the A20 to Folkestone, added a loop under and over the motorway (crossed the M20 4 times in total) and then took a varied route home, and it came to exactly 14 miles. I thought the town would provide more opportunity for a loop, but clearly not. My longest runs will hopefully be in the countryside again, but not if there’s snow on the ground as there was yesterday (and still is today on the sheltered verges).

Overall it was an ok run. Slowed sufficiently on the uphills to not give any cause for concern, I ended with no odd aches or pains┬áso it’s all good.

And i’ve uploaded my skateboard pictures to Facebook, a link hopefully revealling all here.

It arrived Friday. It is, as the pictures show, all but immaculate and massively undersold in the auction. The trucks have the original rubbers and everything. The bushings are worn and i’ll source a new set imminently but everything else truly couldn’t be better unless it was new. Incredible and it makes me massively happy. Very good.

So next week sees a run Monday as Tuesday’s a busy evening and 15 miles for the Saturday. Not looking forward to that, but still more than the following week when i’ve got to work the Saturday and┬árun 11 miles. Nor my 17 mile weekend when i’m also taking Cathy to a race on Sunday. She might be resisting blogging at the moment (all lobby her to pick it up again, please – poetry might be all well and good but it’s not very entertaining for luddites like me, is it?!), but along with jobs and the gym she’s being truly industrious and actually running again. And secretly enjoying it. I think. And a 5 mile local race is the first for ages, so i’ll be cheering her all the way. Nor my 18 miler. In fact, all the long runs are filling me with worry.

Why am I doing it again?