After a busy but productive Tuesday, today was all about the run.

Got a few useful bits sorted at work, which is unusual at the moment, but come ten past five, I was itching to start my 7 miles, if only so I could warm up when I got home.

To be fair, the temperature over the last couple of days has improved to the point where the jacket lining has been coming out in the afternoons but as I strolled across the car park as the Garmin got it’s signal, everything seemed chilly and nasty again, the site basking in 2 degree coolness and a misty fog all around. I say misty fog – it’s a bit of a non-description, but in the dark I couldn’t tell how short visibility was. As I approached Linton crossroads, it went right down to the point where the combination of wet on the glasses and cold in the air meant I could see absolutely nothing through the glasses and had to take them off. Not good. Poor light, fog and no glasses meant quite a few stumbles as I missed salient path features like kerbs, potholes and a couple of grass verges in the gloom, but it was more than the diffracted light I was getting through my glasses.

All in all, getting to 3.33 miles and running out of path, streetlights, Coxheath and visibility, I was a bit annoyed at myself for not checking the distance for a planned out and back before I set off. So a loop of Coxheath village around a back street added the required distance and I was off again.

I adopted a glasses on and off approach as they fogged and cleared on the return run, almost falling down the hill into the Loose valley, but the return leg went okay to the point wher I overtook a cyclist (much to his surprise) on the slope back up to the site where the little breeze (not enough to shift the fog, more an air current which made it’s presence felt at running pace) messed his rhythm up more than mine.

So another 7 miles done. Shame I’ve realised i’ve messed up the training plan I cobbled together by getting my weeks muddled up. I’m a week ahead of plans so will either be alowed week to get a cold or can slip in another monster run to improve confidence before the big day. No stresses, just a plan to tweak when the time comes.

Oh, and a pair of ACS 651 trucks were accidently purchased on the awful auction site (honest…it was an accident. Very low bid placed – again, no-one seems to be watching. It’s rude not to!) last night improves the skateboard options by a mile – parts for them are reasonably easy to come by, so they may be caned a bit when they go onto the deck. Exciting times.


2 responses to “Continues

  1. As a wearer of glasses I am familiar with the problems that we face when on the run. Someone will invent windscreen wipers for glasses or perhaps those pull off covers used by speedway riders over there goggles for runners

  2. It’s at times like those that I’m happy I can put little bits of soft plastic in my eyes that sometimes randomly fall out at mile 7 of a half marathon. In fact at that point, the little bits of plastic are rather bloody annoying. Although better than foggy glasses I reckon. I think I’m babbling now. Lucky this isn’t my blog. People would have stop reading by now. In fact they probably have so now I’m talking to myself. Brilliant! Insanity, just what I need!!!!

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