Daily Archives: February 4, 2010

A bit floaty. Like.

Much the same as last night, I took a while to settle into a rhythm this evening. I think some of the reason is my afternoon activity at work, but I can’t decide how to settle into a routine to get me ready for a run when I don’t know if i’ll be stuck at a computer after 3 or spinning around the site checking bits and doling out information. It’s a pain.

Still, at least my lurches away from site were swift. The first mile was a mix of rolling along nicely, feeling awkward as if my legs were going in odd directions and thinking of stuff other than running at an average 7.27 pace. It is downhill, though, so the effort wasn’t high.

The next half mile felt slow, then I settled into a great rhythm. Really satisfying for just under the half mile, I had a long pace, quite quick in turnover but seemingly low in effort, springy and enjoyable – a shame when it was disturbed by a car at a junction, a group of teens and the need to loop a car park to complete my half distance. The average pace turned out to be 7.57 for this one, about right for an uphill stretch (well, more a slope than a hill to be fair) with a dodgy first half.

The turnaround contained about 200 yards of nice running, the majority of the stretch being a feeling that I was warm. Yes, warm. I actually considered rolling my sleeves up but then recovered my sanity and kept them rolled to try and experience that odd feeling I used to get when I got hot. I think it’s called sweat but it’s been so long, I can’t be sure. I was also surprised to discover it was, same as the first mile, 7.27 pace.

And guess what? The last mile, up the slope I started down on, was a 7.57. A perfectly symmetrical run. I couldn’t have planned it better. It felt easy enough, my legs are beginning to know they’re doing quite a distance (did I mention January was my first ever 100 mile month – never got there last year, what with niggling pains and other distractions and never get close in my half preparations because i’m a slacker) though, especially around the ankle area. The rest tomorrow will be marvellous.

I can’t quite believe i’m doing marathon training and am averaging well under 8 minute miles (January’s 100.03 miles averaged 7.58 which i’m sure is too fast for many a schedule, but since i’ve junked them and can’t even remember how many weeks there are until the race, I think running to stay sane and pleased with myself is the answer). JogBlog just commented (not on the blog, though, so I won’t link to her – if she starts blogging again, i’ll start mentioning her and linking – it might be blackmail, it might not work, but i’ve got to try!) that it doesn’t seem as though i’m marathon training this year, despite the runs being similar to last, but 15 miles midweek certainly is far enough for me.

So. Rest tomorrow, a lot of miles at the weekend and a lawnmower to buy.