Again I blog on a Sunday for a Saturday run. It’s been busy since yesterday morning, a couple of draft blogs have been binned this evening due to the appalling nature of the prose therein but this one has to stay. Mainly because it’s late, I need to put the bin out and bed beckons.

I prepared for the run.

That’s something in itself but I fancied 16 miles even though I only really needed 15. I say only…I mean shit, a 15 mile run.

Still, routes were plotted even including a thought of a one way jaunt to the parents in Folkestone or my brother in Lyminge – the latter option outed owing to the need for a 3 mile loop and at least one veeeery nasty hill at about 13 miles. The one I settled on involved a looping version of an 8 miler with Park Farm added on.

So breakfast was as usual with an extra bit of toast. Then a half hour later I had a cup of coffee, banana and little container of Orbana energy stuff. Cathy’s been sent it to try – I had some last week but was unsure if it helped directly, so thought i’d try again this week. It’s not a bad flavour – meaning I wouldn’t go out of my way to drink it socially, but as a tool it’s perfectly acceptable and doesn’t make me want to be sick like the chocolate milk Cathy says I should drink after a run – chocolate is lovely. Milk is lovely. Chocolate milk is for wannabe bulimics who don’t like the thought of fingers down their throats. It’s like cherry yogurt. Bad. Where was I? Ah, yes, Orbana. Well, I know how I feel on a long run. I know the effect of a banana and extra slice of toast. The fact that I had the best run ever up to and including 10 miles is either because I was happy not to be freezing (which I was) or beacuse the route I did was incredibly picturesque (it was), because there was no traffic at all (there wasn’t) or all these combined with a feeling that I had all the energy in the world.

It was truly a good run. The last 5 miles, predictably enough, weren’t quite as good but the last two miles of that can be attributed to being on the truly uninspiring loop of the local housing estate with the preceeding two miles being into quite a stiff head breeze but i’ll be repeating the route with a larger country loop and with more energy product for my 17 miler in a couple of weeks. I’m almost a fan of the drink if it makes all the runs feel that way – a training run with little focus on pace resulting in a 49.28 first 10k, a 49.33 second 10k, a 1.45 dead half marathon and a fresh feeling to boot after a 15 mile week has got to have something going for it.

Hoping things don’t fall apart as the distance gets really silly, I think a banana boost at the 13 mile mark might just about see me through with minor problems. Let’s hope, but things are looking promising at the moment.

And with Cathy back up and going, spring really is looking bright.


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