Daily Archives: February 16, 2010


I’ve been quiet over the weekend mainly because what I thought might be a cold coming on over the course of Friday made me feel rough enough on Saturday (when, incidentally, I had to work) to give up on the idea of an afternoon run in favour of seeing how I felt on Sunday. The answer was about the same, but not enthusiastic or lively enough to bother going out.

So I had the weekend off.

Probably could have done something but it felt fine to not go out and, resuming this evening with a nose full of grot and a chest that was enthusiastic about not much but coughing, I think on balance the weekend decision was correct.

This evening was a journeyman 4 mile out and back on the slopier of the work routes. Tomorrow my 7 miles will be last week’s course backwards, a route that will involve the best part of 2 miles uphill for the finish, a fact i’m already concerned about – how many coughs per mile will it be? Or how slow will I have to go in ensuring I can still breathe tomorrow?

On a brighter note, it won’t be long before the country lane option opens up again – it’s borderline already as to whether i’ll make it to a footpath before it gets too dark to avoid the cars – another week and a whole new world of runs will be there for me to enjoy. (Well, ok, I did them all through the summer preparing for Royal Parks Half but the darkness seems to have been here for so long, they’ll feel like new routes for sure and there’ll certainly be some new potholes to enjoy.)