I forgot to mention the amount of cars on the way to Morrisons during yesterday’s run that were either parked all the way over the path, pulling onto their drives and expecting me to give way to them as I would if it were the road I was crossing, parking alongside the path then opening their doors onto me or, in one case, stopping half on the path, only to pull forward and close the path completely just as I was at their bootlid. I’d glossed over it in my mind as typical.

Well, tonight, that was proved. Having decided on last week’s 7 miler backwards, I was about 4.5 miles in when a car pulled from their works car park toward the road (a busy one way traffic light junction) and stopped at the back of the path. Innocently enough, I decided they were a) waiting for a gap in the traffic and b) letting me use the bit of highway I like to consider the pedestrian’s domain. I carried that thought right up until I was level with his passenger light. When he pulled forward. No reason, except to maybe look closer at the line of cars doing 30mph in front of him. No reason other than to test my reactions, combined with my desire to not want to be pushed into the road in front of a queue of moving traffic. No reason, except to have my fingerprints thumped into his bonnet as I used it to lever myself away and around his front end which was the only way I could avoid a diversion into the traffic stream. Parkour it wasn’t. Effective it was.

My favourite bit of the couple of seconds of excitement was being so blasé about the situation, I couldn’t even be bothered to stop, drag him out and punch him for being a twat. I merely ran on.

All very composed and civilised. Must be getting less aggressive in my old age.

Still, the run was ok in that I kept the pace down owing to a lack of get up and go in my legs on the back of the cold but still finished feeling as though i’d tried a bit. The final 2 odd miles is uphill and unpleasant but, having started in daylight and relative warmth, I finished pretty bloody freezing. Don’t know how I consistently get colder despite loads of calories being burned but with the temperature having dropped to minus one while I was out, I know this contributed.

My right ankle hurt to start with, too. A result of a bruised heel, I think, but magically it seems better now than before I left. Something to keep in the back of my mind as the mileage goes crazy, I guess. No blowing up before May this year. Honest.

One response to “Fingerprints

  1. Glad you weren’t hurt. I have had many close encounters myself and I have been lucky to remain unscathed. Good post.
    Happy running,

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