Daily Archives: February 19, 2010


Couldn’t post last night, the computer wouldn’t let me.

Not fair. Still, Cathy¬†was at bookclub (No, I still can’t talk about it…it’s the rules) (I’ll not get spoken to, let alone anything else, for weeks now i’ve done that joke again. Ah, well. I like it!) so I had steak for dinner which made up for computer based problems.

It wasn’t a smooth run, though. About 5 o’clock, it started absolutely launching down the rain, I put in a few tardy e-mails to close out the day, drove home and ran from here. Later than i’d hoped to be, more tired and hungry due to the hour, and in the absence of an inspiring 4 miles, I did a dull out and back to the BP petrol station on the edge of town.

Wind behind me on the way, chilly on the way back. My ankles hurt all the way, my calves now feel sore (not boding well for a comfortable 11 miles tomorrow) but it was a run done.

They all count, don’t they?