Rush minute

Following my cold last weekend, yesterday was a repeat of what would have come before. An 11 miler but instead of being around Maidstone after work, it was from home around the south of Ashford.

Basically a shorter version of the 15 miler, I cut off a short loop 2 miles from home and the nasty Park Farm housing estate loop at the end which  made it a pretty good run, all things considered. Fuelled by Orbana once again, I averaged 7.56 minute miles with no more than 16 seconds between quickest (mile 11) and slowest (equally miles 6 and 9 at 8.03) but significantly, felt pretty damn strong again during the first 8 miles.

Considering the cold and (despite it being mild) the effect that surely had, I don’t mind having felt tired after 8 miles, especially with the speed of the final mile despite not knowingly pushing on. It was just a nice run, albeit over a fair distance. In fact, the only fly in the ointment was a sudden surge in traffic as I got to Stubbs Cross – both directions had about 10 cars in a row just before the footpath started so I was forced to stop, slow, run on the superbly uneven verge and generally lose my rhythm just where I didn’t want to. But maybe, since the fastest mile was following this, I had lost form anyway and it shook me back to good running.

Who knows.

All I do know is that i’m struggling to find an attractive 17 mile route for next week and Cathy had a nice race in the rain and wind and cold during the Isle of Oxney 5 mile at Wittersham earlier today. Couldn’t be arsed to do it in the rain with sore calves on top of the runs i’ve set myself (sorry, did I mean schedule? That’s a bit formal, isn’t it?) so I chose to watch – never again! It was cold, wet, took ages (or seemed to) but kept me from injuring myself trying to do a justifiable time. Next year, assuming they do it again – i’ll race. It seemed quite a nice affair.

Ho hum.

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