Daily Archives: February 24, 2010

Shall I compare thee…

To an otter’s pocket?

What a ridiculous training regime this seems to be – consistent snow, ice, freezing temperatures and far too many wet days seems to have consolidated into a miserable marathon campaign.

Right about 5 o’clock, the water on the windows of the office increased to monumental proportions and as I left around twenty past, I reckon I was soaked by about quarter of a mile in. My planned 8 miles leaned down to 7.6 after a shortcut or two – I simply hadn’t the desire to be out in it, combined with forgetting to take my water bottle in to work with me for the run. I’m amazed how dry I felt after each jelly baby without a sip of liquid – I felt hollow in the stomach, lethargic in the legs and generally rubbish.

Still, I went out. Not in the direction I fancied owing to it being all but dark from the off, but out all the same. I couldn’t be bothered to keep lifting the coat sleeve to check my pace and most of my woes are reflected in the first two miles being 7.26 and 7.29 pace – I fancied slowing things down but failed, clearly, so must address pace things on Saturday for my long run. The trouble was that without water, I flagged drastically on the uphill mile, recording my single slowest mile of my training. Ok, it’s still within my supposed “long, slow run” target pace if I look on the calculators and stuff, but it annoyed me. Still, I got home, didn’t stop and now feel fine.

I’ve just looked through last year’s notes and see that after Saturday’s run last year (the 17 miler) things fell into disarray on the schedule – my injuries were mounting up and stopping me doing my stuff. I feel so much better this year, I hope things carry on like this. My ankles are definitely showing signs of fatigue, but not so far as straps, medicines or ointments are being sought. My muscles feel fine and dandy – loose, full of beans and strong. That said, I hope i’m sensible enough to listen to my bones if things do tense up. I’ve still a long way to go and some stupid long runs to partake in, after all.

Fingers crossed.

And will it stop bloody raining, please? I fancy a nice run for a change.