Over the course of yesterday, what with shopping, chores, hanging blinds, drying the garage and planting trees, I didn’t really think about my legs.

Today I did and they felt surprisingly good after Saturday and my 17 miles. But that’s surprisingly good in a “not as bad as they could be” fashion, unfortunately. All day I was actually looking forward to the run – the sun was out, it got up to a warm enough temperature to ditch the jacket for the first time in months and my only concern was how quickly the temperature would drop.

The answer was pretty quickly (it was only 2 degrees as I got back into the car) but the run was enjoyable enough, starting warmly and finishing a bit quicker than I started to maintain the temperature i’d built up.

I ran the country lane route for the first time since the clocks changed and it was nice. If only my shins and ankles weren’t so sore, it would have been properly enjoyable but as it was, all the downhills were accompanied by hollow shrieks of pain as my feet touched down. The uphills were great. The flats were reasonable enough. Downs I could have done without. However, I started proper “recovery run” slowly and only picked the pace up towards the end when i’d loosened up a fair bit.

I feel okay ish now but am glad I haven’t got to run tomorrow – somehow I think the rest days over the coming weeks will be savoured to their highest degree.

Only 8 weeks to go.


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