So what’s gone right?

I wish I knew because i’d have replicated it three weeks ago.

I’m guessing my fitness is showing through as i’m fully getting the last bits of cold out of my system (still got the annoying cough – apart from this I feel superhuman), but combined with dropping 10 seconds from my times on the long runs and early miles, I’m feeling great.

I’ve been keeping a compression bandage on my right foot to help support it while walking around site and now the foot is healed. I can do pretty much anything with it and really have to try to make it hurt.

I’ve been massaging my calves as well as stretching lots (including while brushing my teeth – 3 minutes of multi tasking. Am I turning towards my feminine side?) and both now feel fresh and new, not abused for a few hundred miles of training.

And the best bit was going out tonight, in shorts and a long sleeved top, feeling warm and relishing my last 8 mile mid week run.

I simply devoured the first 2 miles with such enthusiasm, it was a job keeping a low pace. I let things go on the long downhill stretch, eased around the flat bit and jogged easily up the last mile and a half climb to site to average a really easy 8.09 pace. Faster than I intended but, honestly, so easy I wish it was time to race at the weekend because I think i’d demolish it.

Confidence is a strange thing.

Worryingly, this weekend is the anniversary of my calf tearing last year. This year, however, I have just got rid of all my niggles – last year, they were spiralling. I’m confident the weekend will go ok. Then i’ll plod the 20 miler and i’m happy to take whatever time I get.

I’ve just got the marathon race magazine. I’ll be starting from Blackheath, which is familiar ground at least, but hope the weather is cooler than Tom and Grant had for their Lisbon half last weekend. It seems theirs matched last year’s London temperature – i’d like to book 15 degrees and overcast, please. No drizzle, it’ll annoy me on the glasses. And no wind, I just hate it. Just cool, dull and fair. I’ll speak to Kaddy the regional weather girl and book some in immediately, I think. But don’t tell Cathy – she thinks I fancy her and gets jealous of my personal forecasts!

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  1. Oi! No emailing girls on the telly!

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