How wet? Goodbye Maidstone.

Yep, not one but two titles today.

Tomorrow is my last day working for Carillion in Maidstone, today my last run. I wasn’t looking forward to it to be honest and the weather forecast had been poor.

My legs are feeling a touch fatigued, despite the strength of the recent runs, but this was offset by the desire to say goodbye to my running location for the last year and the fact that the rain had largely missed us over the day so I thought I might get lucky.


I set off in warm daylight, light breeze and light steps. I rapidly deteriorated into heavy steps as the wind got up and the first mile was directly into it. Very odd for the wind to rise like that, I thought. Little could I anticipate that the stratus cloud covering the sky was concealing a cumulonimbus that was about to give me a hearty farewell to Kent’s county town.

As I neared two miles, a light rain began to fall. At two and a half miles, I turned to run toward the town, got the wind on my back, sped up and simultaneously got wetter. And wetter. Every step was greeted by harder rain, it seemed, to the point where I crossed the road to seek semi-shelter under some trees as I continued through to 3 miles.

The next half was spent wondering why my final memory would be of rain when, as I turned toward site, the precipitation simply hammered down, the wind hit me head on and slowed me dramatically and everything got to the wet stage where it simply doesn’t matter any more.

Drowned rat, I think is the term. At least the few people left on site found my state amusing.

So, not a very nice run. My legs now feel weary, but they have gone 37 miles in 6 days, so I guess it’s entirely understandable.

This week has marked the last 8 mile mid-week run in the plan, which is a relief. One of the site boys commented he saw me miles away on Wednesday evening and wondered how far I went. While 8 miles doesn’t seem excessive at the moment, when I look at a map of Rye and wonder where I could do the same, it doesn’t look good. Thankfully 5 miles looks much simpler to route.

I’ve also been asked to add a link to a British Military Fitness bloke who’s developing some phone software or some such. I don’t begin to understand what, where and why most of these things exist, but the stuff I read on his blog last night made me laugh – hopefully they’ll appeal to someone else, too. Good luck to him is my message – hope it works, too.

So, Maidstone done, loads of people to say goodbye to tomorrow – plenty I hope never to have to work with again, too, and lots to pack in over the next few weeks. Got the new greenhouse delivered yesterday and the mower needs an outing (worked out that at top speed, without slowing to do bits around trees and borders, it’ll take 2hours 9 minutes to mow the lawn.There a numerous trees both out front and back [55 in total, but not all in the lawn areas, thankfully!] so i’m guessing two and a half hours…good job i’ll get some running time back after April!) so along with a new job that looks like it’ll be a monster, hopefully things will keep me honest for a few months to come.

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