Daily Archives: March 29, 2010

Wet again

So after a new start in my new job at my new head office, having collected a new laptop and a new phone and a new hard hat and a new high vis vest, I decided i’d go home to run rather than try to get changed in the rain in the site accomodation at the new place. It’s a bit basic, you see. Having resented the waste of money on the last firm (ridiculously stacked, open plan cabins containing around 35 staff), to only have a single unit to serve as drying room, toilet, canteen, office and generator is a bit extreme the other way.

And with nowhere to dry off and change if things got wet, homeward bound it was.

When I got here, of course, it was lobbing it down.

On went the hat and waterproof jacket, but neither did very much, to be honest. Well, I should award the jacket some points for managing to rub my nipples sore in only 5 miles, but as far as water repelling properties go, I might as well go nude and use my skin right from the off. The whiteness of my pathetically wasted, stick thin torso might alert any traffic to my presence better than a hi-vis jacket, too. I really can’t wait for 4 weeks to pass and┬áthe┬átime when I can put some weight on and regain the energy to weight train, too. The sight of my torso in the mirror while cleaning my teeth makes me quite depressed at the moment.

To think I once got an approving look about my physique. It was only once, but certainly wouldn’t be now. Pesky marathon.

Anyhow, I ran. 5 miles through rain, half through waterlogged fields, all pretty slow but done nonetheless.

14 more planned runs, then i’ll cycle like crazy, gain weight, rediscover a sense of humour and get a haircut.

Lots to look forward to.

If only it’d get dry for a while.