My recovery run was postponed to yesterday, but not blogged owing to entertainment commitments. I would’ve tried to run on Monday but felt a day extra recovery would be nice, especially as it was my birthday.

Unfortunately my legs got more sore over the course of Tuesday so the run was still blighted by very very very sore shins. The bit where the muscle attaches to the bone, or so it seems (don’t think it actually attaches there at all but can see no earthly reason it’d rub there without!), on the inside. Perfectly symetrically on both legs.

No amount of massage or stretching seems to be easing it and the run did nothing to help. After about 2 miles it felt a bit more free, but on stopping after 5 it was nasty.

Nasty enough to stop me running today. But not helped by a few laps of the site – at 29 acres and on a slope on sticky clay and stodgy topsoil, this is excercise in itself so I don’t feel too lazy!

I’m hoping to be back out tomorrow but am unexcited by the prospect of making it worse, even if I am desperate not to slack the last weeks of training.

I’m sure time will help. That and a good kneading whenever I sit down.

Rye seems nice to run around, though. I ran along the canal inland and Easterly from the town centre – I think I saw some of the prettiest houses i’ve ever run past, all within 2 miles of each other. Of only I could convince myself they wouldn’t flood and weren’t all massively out of price range, I might have seen a retirement property or two! I’m looking forward to more investigation over the next two or so years.


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