I decided that, since the race is on a Sunday, then the last two proper runs would be too.

This had nothing to do with my leg still hurting as well as having a greenhouse to glaze yesterday in the sun or anything, honest. No, really. But that did contribute to a bit of colour appearing in my arms, which was nice.

Still, today meant I had no excuse for slacking so at 9.30, I was gone. My right shin is still very sore – sorry, was. As I set out, it improved after about 2 miles and got worse again after about 8. But now it keeps lulling me into a sense of security, then stabbing a pain up my leg which reminds me it’s not right at all. A bit worrying, but tough. I’ll sort it.

The second and third miles, in fact, were awful. I’d already seen 5 runners by this point – whether the sun brought them out or they’re always there on a Sunday I’ll never find out, I guess, but it was a busy run. 8 runners in 12 miles of country lanes. But at mile 4, i’d slowed considerably and was feeling sorry with myself for feeling tired. It took a bit of self chastisement to bring myself around, but a strong 5th mile and regular checks on the virtual partner did the discipline trick and all the other miles sailed by easily enough – only about 10 seconds up on the slow miles, but they seemed much more fluid and have convinced me the pace i’ll set the Garmin for the race (the clear miles, at least!). No hints here, we’ll find out if it works in two weeks.

So the rest of the day eased past okay. The leg has only just started really stabbing the pain so I hope it’ll be okay – it’s strapped at the moment, hopefully a night in bed will sort it out.

I had a great ride on the motorbike – about 50 miles of hooliganism was just what the doctor ordered, even if the last few were a touch colder than i’d hoped for, but the leg felt fine climbing all over it, so i’m sure it’ll hold up to the race pretty well.

Seems strange that after the longest winter, i’ve less than marathon distance to run before the race itself but boy am I glad it’s nearly over. I’ve got a house to decorate, renovate and maintain after all!


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