Is it really cross training if it’s just a mix of exercise with no real destination?

If running is the core, I understand that swimming, cycling, weights etc. are the cross. However, injured as I am (in case anyone didn’t know…did I say about my stupidity? No? Ah, well…another time.), I find myself without an exercise core to train around.

I’ve decided I want to put the weight i’ve lost through running back on. That’s muscle mass (not much, admittedly, but about three quarters of a stone), not fat. I’ve never been lucky enough to get fat. So since being able to balance on my bad leg, i’ve been throwing the weights around again. I’m back to the pre 2009 winter training weight again, but struggling instead of easing through my reps so have a way to go. And I look tiny.

But weights are a bit dull, so yesterday’s rowing will be repeated alternately…albeit combined with dull-ness. And as soon as I feel comfortable, my bike will be out for plenty of cycling miles with low pressure tyres and soft suspension to make it as hard as possible without going off road and risking the leg until it’s better.

But none of them are “cross” training as far as I can tell.

So. Juneathon for me is a mix of genres with no focus. Hopefully i’ll be fitter than now, bigger than now and even more eager to get out and run. And I guess if nothing else comes of it, my determination after everything to do the sub 42 minute 10k may just drive me towards it.

Must start walking without crutches first, though.

Happy Juneathon – keep it up, everyone. The blogs are great to read and Facebook is so active this year, it makes me want to weep. It’s simply beautiful.


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