I decided that weights and rower needed a rest quite early on today. But also realised I’d squandered my chances of cool exercise while doing the door thresholds in the conservatory.

So I decided to cut and fix said thresholds (3 of them), paint the two radiators in the garden where they’d dry at a reasonable speed instead of baking in a second in the glass furnace (as I was whenever I passed through it), then succumb to heat stroke as I second coated the skirtings and applied purple to the plastered wall bits. Juneathon would be decided later.

However, a Saturday newspaper demand got the better of me so, deciding my leg was close to motorcycling strength, I thought i’d better see if it could take a range of movement without too much pain. So I decided a short cycle to the shop was in order.

I can now stand on the leg no problem. I can stand on it alone. I can start to place weight on the ball of the foot. But when I roll forwards in a walking style, stabs of pain go from the ankle through the fracture site and make me “hobble” it over, ruining a clean pace. It is improving, though. I can take short, slow steps almost cleanly and am confident that i’ll be able to throw away the crutches for work on Monday if I continue improving as now.

The BMX, however, let me know there’s still miiiiiiiles to go in improvement. Being too small to sit on and being twitchy in handling, it needs a ball of the foot squarely on the pedal. Doing this and standing up in the process gives an exquisite stab of pain every pedal stroke. Sadly, however, it’s quite different to the pain of walking and is actually reasonably pleasant. So I took the long way to the shops as part of Juneathon.

Following a lawn mowing session, I needed to buy dinner (Jogblog is out cycling around Sussex, so plans changed else i’d have bought paper and food together). So the logical thing to do was have more pain-fun and cycle there. Again, indirect routage won the day. I even pulled a little manual (left foot taking the pressure, though, so it was both little and badly controlled!) on the way back.

Juneathon 3 was to buy JB some wine when she asked, due to her train being back after all the offies shut. Again, BMX and me made our way out. It’s improving all the while so, if it’s not hurtling the rain down tomorrow, I may try it again as long as I don’t wake up in pain.

So more cycling than intended (still only about 3 miles tops, though. I am lightweight at the moment. The 16 miles to work is the aim before the summer’s out. That’ll show me it’s healed), conservatory ready to finish tomorrow, lawn mowed, greenhouse fiddled with. A good day.

Just wish I had confidence in the leg to take the motorbike for a good thrashing. That really is testing my patience.


4 responses to “Leg

  1. joggerblogger

    Great work – is there any links to said BMX pictures?

  2. Is taking it easy on the motorbike not an option? Surely if your don’t thrash the beast to within an inch of it’s life you could get away with light brake / gear work and no leg pain??? And if you haven’t ridden it for a while it’ll still feel fast!! :o)

    • Not sure i’d remember how to go around a corner without hanging off, Grant! And the noise at 17000rpm demands to be experienced at any opportunity, so patience will be mine…for about a week.

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