An odd day at work teaching a 21 year old how to add up.


Still, at least it motivated me to come home so silver linings and all that. Following 10 minutes starting to clear the garage (keep finding too many things of interest…got hijacked by plant pots tonight, hence the next bit) and twenty in the greenhouse potting on cucumbers and a courgette, as well as putting in some more sunflowers, food was eaten, washing up done and rower set up.

Wasn’t looking forward to it at all and couldn’t even be bothered to put shorts on. So tight jeans it was. 25 minutes, 750 strokes, 14 metres further than last time but had to do 38 strokes in the last minute thanks to a brief pause for drink. I think the jeans were to blame!

Then I popped out for milk to Tesco on the BMX (direct route only, i’m afraid) and now i’m here.

Great to see the Juneathon enthusiasm continuing – a few niggles and that showing through amongst you runners, but that’s what it’s all about, eh?!

Go on…get on with it! Or slack and make judging easier…either way, i’m enjoying it!


3 responses to “Multiplication

  1. Tight jeans?! Surely you get extra points for doing it in tight jeans, it must take more effort…and get ever so hot.

  2. Tight jeans?! Madness!

    I love cucumbers and courgette. I’m hungry now.

  3. “Compression” jeans. Sounds sporty…!

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