Tonight I fancied something different.

So I got out the pedal powered two wheeled transport with full suspension and slow tyres and spent 20 minutes trying to make it go as fast as possible.

I know I failed because, all things being equal (that’s if equal meant not having moved house in December or changed job in March and thus had money and holiday time), i’d be going to the alps in two weeks for some proper mountainbiking – the sort where the bike goes up the mountain on the same chairlift you’re on, then gravity does it’s thing and catapults you (via several crashes and hilarity) back into whichever valley you fancy. Repeat to fade; one happy week.

But if I was going and had this injury, I wouldn’t be going I guess. So it’s lucky I gave Gordon Brown £10,000 tax to move and thus didn’t waste £250 on chalet and train ticket.

Ho hum.

Still. Tonight was ok. 20 minutes got me well sweaty, my leg feels ok on the pedals (no hopping or wheelies or jumps, but normal riding along felt reasonably fine) and lots of flexing in a low pressure state can only be good. And the suspension, soft as it was set, means no jarring on the rough bits.


Watching Crisis tomorrow. Maybe i’ll follow Audiofule’s urban gym example for some city based exercise while I wait for Fitartist, RunningAmok and Jogblog to finish.

Blog on Friday. Be good while i’m away!


One response to “Cycle

  1. Is that the order you think we’ll be finishing in?

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