A quick session

The day started early as Jogblog needed escorting to the start of her 35 mile bike ride around Kent, which got me out and about to do the house bits earlier on a Sunday than maybe they should be done.

The lawn mower drives and cuts at 4.2kmh according to the handbook and, since the grass was reasonably short, I left off the collector and mulched away to make things as quick as possible. Without the crutch pushing me along, it wasn’t as comfortable as i’ve come to like but i’m hoping it’ll be good for recovery. The three bits of lawn took one hour thirty. That’s with no fiddling about, as few turns as I can make and just driving all the way. I reckon it must be 4.2k’s walked – next week, I might just Garmin it for fun.

Cathy got done quicker than I thought (maybe should change the name of the blog, though – somehow I calculated that 5 miles would take 50 minutes – good job she phoned after the text or she’d possibly still be in a park awaiting collection!) so hoovering and stuff were delayed, but after a bout of afternoon gardening (planting more tomatoes outside, as well as sunflowers and things) it was caught up on before weights were thrown around the conservatory.

The worrying thing is that my legs feel tired now. With a little walk and not too hectic a day. Very bad.

Hope that they won’t be like a novice runner’s legs when I do get going again and I find pace a struggle as well as endurance.

Hopefully it’ll only be a few weeks until I find out.


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