John Fleming

I say ha! to Hauling My Carcass and everyone who’s celebrating the turning point in the mighty Juneathon by doing a title of that approximation.

Instead, I’ll dedicate the blog to a rediscovered joy – exercise with music. In a past life, all my indoor exertions were played out to tunes – normally the unstoppable force of heavy metal. Mainly bands beginning with “M”, come to think of it – Megadeth, Metallica, Motorhead, Motley Crue, Maiden (ok – i’ve missed the Iron, but you get the point!). Then, in about 1992, metal began to implode and the quantity, to say nothing of quality, of new releases, dwindled to near zero. Megadeth and Maiden continued to kick out some belters but Metallica went completely hound and the well of tunes dried up. My mind continued to search for the next hit and, despite metal always being there, I found another way.

Always liking faster melodies and a light hearted chuckle to a tune, I drifted towards the faster spectrum of dance. I dabbled in hardcore (bit more than dabbled, I guess – i’ll still pick up some Scott Brown if I see it in a record store and if anyone’s heard Darren Styles, I defy them not to giggle). I popped a few toes into trance and came out the harder side – the Tidy Boys are great and I was about to see Tony de Vit in Ibiza when he died a bit sudden, like – a massive loss to my musical appreciation.

But through this, I found a middle ground. It was John “00” Fleming. I discovered him through the double album “For Your Ears Only”. It blends all trance genres in a musical experience that hits my spot every single time. I’ll put it down for a few months, then put it in the car again and listen until I become numb and stop appreciating it. Then re-discover it like an old friend and love it again.

Tonight, Matthew, I strolled into the conservatory…sorry, Cathy’s conservatory and spied her stereo. Winking at me in the fading light. And had inspiration. J00F, FYEO, CD2. From track one, it’s superb. But my 4 minute mile song has to be track 5 – his mix of Digital Blonde, Electra. Google it and two you-tube links come up. It’s superb and for whatever reason makes me guilty for forsaking the lord of Metal in it’s favour.

I’ll always go back to metal (heard “Walk” by Pantera on the train on the way to crisis…Cathy left the carriage, I stayed on, remembering good times in my old van with silly speakers, desperate to remember to put the cd in the car) but for some occasions dance does it.

Sean from Audiofuel clearly knows what buttons to hit in a composition but, like a couple of years ago when a few bloggers were compiling top 10 audio tracks for exercise motivation, how about a revival of top 5 tunes for Juneathoners to open their musical vocabularies?

I’ll start. With a seperate list to last time. (Which, incidentally, a good friend made into the best cd compilation ever for my birthday which has been in the car ever since!) Demonstarting my musical range in narrow minded slices.

1) Digital Blonde – Electra, John “00” Fleming mix

2) Tony De Vit – The Dawn

3) Scott Brown – Now Is The Time

4)Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

5)Metallica – Master of Puppets

Not popular, classy or refined tracks, i’m sure, but for exercise (and normally in my head since I don’t run to music), I like them all. Lots.

Come on then, inspire me to try your flavours!

ps. Today I mostly lifted weights. Did I mention that?


5 responses to “John Fleming

  1. Oooh… my favourite subjects. Running and Music!!! I do favour the noisier end of the musical spectrum and my soundtrack for The Crisis Square Mile Run was a lethal cocktail of The Prodigy and Killing Joke which seemed to do the trick.

  2. Amazing that, if i’d read the other blogs for the day before blogging, i’d have seen your post, Paul, and linked you in! Must be something in the Juneathon water…

  3. Good to get your running tune advice. I had a blog post on this ages ago with my faves – feel free to ridicule my ultimate running playlist.

  4. Anything with Metallica or Pantera is fine with me.

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