Everything seems to be exaggerated in the present scheme of things.

The winter had snow and ice and silly low temeratures for far longer than I can remember. I have heating bills and memories of outside meetings every morning at 9 o’clock to prove it.

Spring seemed to skip a beat. The marathon training was cold throughout – I think I blogged 4 runs of a neutral temperature when shorts and top (either long or short sleeve) weren’t in question. Things then seemed to change to dry, dryer and driest in an instant. Not a personal problem since my new site is reliant on lack of rain while we divert over a mile of highway drainage and re-route 29 acres of land drainage through a new ditch, but shortages seem inevitable in the near future.

The wind blew from the start of this site until 2 weeks ago, always predominantly from the East. Now there isn’t a breeze.

And despite promises during the winter that I wouldn’t say it, I have properly struggled today with the heat. Went out on the mountainbike for the proposed hack about Bedgebury Pinetum at 9AM and it was still massively warm. My boxers had the white sweat stains to prove it.

The good news is that, despite being swollen this evening, the leg pain hasn’t hindered me at all. I rolled the jumps and decided against a drop off or two as a leg protection measure, but generally the pain was at a minimum whilst enjoyment was still high. Very encouraging. I just need to find out why it keeps swelling so much.

The odd news is that while I had hoped for empty roads while a football match kept everyone indoors, my ride in black leathers in ridiculous heat wasn’t as lonely as hoped for. Traffic was lighter but still too heavy for absolute hooliganism to ensue. I had a good tussle with a Renaultsport  Megane on a road section I don’t know very well, put in 60 pleasant miles, had some squirrelly tank slappy moments on some rougher roads but generally, things were no better than an early weekend morning. I guess the advantage of the heat was to give me confidence to get my knee down on even the oddest corners (tyre temperature is a constant niggle on cooler days, diesel a worry on the rest!). The disadvantage was getting in, changing and having a proper dizzy spell as I went from cool garage to hot drive to put the bike away.

I simply can’t drink enough to replace sweaty losses.

Still, could be worse. I could be running through the heat like some of the other Juneathoners!

Now, I must remember to remind myself that it’ll never be too cold in the winter and that I shouldn’t moan about the weather!


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  1. Cool! A spot of mountain biking, a little motorcycling. Sounds like a very fine Sunday to me.

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