Try out

Having been unable to “properly” participate in Juneathon has, to be honest, been a bit of a disappointment.

There’s only so much enjoyment I can garner from the weights, a rowing machine and few and light effort (realtively) outings on the mountainbike. So I made a promise to myself that, no matter what state of repair the leg was in, I’d attempt a run on the last day of Juneathon 2010.

So I did.

It proved far too early in the recovery process, it seems, since I got back about three minutes ago and now have a throbbing shin (not badly, but worse. Bah). But 0.16 miles at 10.16 pace let me know that I can’t put a proper step in, let alone a stride; that I can’t roll through my foot yet; that each running pace puts a stress through the leg far greater than a good walking stride at work on the soft (ish) grass.

But I saw out Juneathon with sort of a run. Pathetic, but as good as I can manage and at least something to tease my body with over the coming weeks of full(er) recovery.

Everyone else’s efforts have been great.

I went out last night straight after work so have the last two days to catch up on before final judgement of the overall event. I may well be out tomorrow evening, too, so am going to defer the final result post until Friday night. It’s not going to be easy since there aren’t enough of you who’ve slacked sufficiently to make things simple, but there are a few standout runners (forgive the pun) who deserve far more than we have available as prizes.

But there is one standout man who gets special early mention and that’s, of course, Joggerblogger. The whole reason for Juneathon. An inspiration who ran the first part this year on legs that should no longer run (I’m sure it was your phenomenal mileage over the previous two years that did you in!) before cycling whenever he could with the youngest Juneathoner (I think – hope I’ve not missed anyone!) in England. We salute you.

And I salute all this year’s participants.

The winner is….(drumroll until Friday…)


2 responses to “Try out

  1. Great to hear you got out and ran on the last day of Juneathon, just think of next year! As I said on Eatingtrees’ blog, my best bit was meeting you lot at the Crisis Sq Mile and, when you are fit enough again, we should all get together at another race.

    I look forward to reading about your progress over the coming months.

  2. True to your word! Glad you got out for a run on the last day of Juneathon. Take it easy and get back into it gently. Looking forward to hearing of your running exploits again as soon as you are fixed

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