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Garden Half

Having decided to try and go for a run on Tuesday, I subsequently decided I’d give it a couple of days longer.

So this morning I was discussing it with Jogblog, saying I was going to walk up the road to the fields, run half a mile and then walk back, when she suggested something else.

Knowing i’d be looking daft walking in running kit, jogging a bit, then walking home, I wondered if I should wear casual shorts instead. But jogging in casual shorts is even dodgier looking.

The result was possibly even worse.

The inaugral Kingsnorth half mile has now been completed.

I decided my start up run would be a gentle off road half a mile with a rest day to ensure no niggling pains return to catch me out. A bit of soreness crept in yesterday when I caught myself after an abrupt slide on some wet clay on site, so nervousness at my fragility is still a worry and kept me true to my word.

Half a mile.

Around the garden.

In casual shorts and running trainers.

I started out the back, did a lap of the rear garden, looped into the front, lapped that and repeated in a figure of eight. There’s a slippery stone at the rear gate entrance but I didn’t fancy a detour around the garage to the other gate, so persevered carefully and only had to cross it three times anyway.

3 and a half laps rounded my half mile out right at the conservatory door, only the postman saw me, noone laughed and my first run is complete.

It hardly matters but I was horribly puffing with unfitness, the pace was 8.36 average (with 18 sharp corners and 4 sets of steps I guess I shouldn’t even consider this bit!) and I’ve one hell of a struggle ahead of me to get anywhere near 7 minute miles for 10k that is my immediate target.

Just being out there, not hurting, ready for a proper run if no pain arrives over the next 36 hours somehow seems reward enough at this stage. But let’s see how quickly I can recover my fitness as a near 40 year old who might otherwise be looking for a set of slippers, a pipe and a smoking jacket…



Following a pretty nice day at the Juneathon Awards Ceremony in Hyde Park yesterday, excitement may have got the better of a few of us and we agreed to have a go at the Grim “thing” on December 4th. Anyone else fancy joining us?

Nothing better than a few like minded folk to encourage a challenge and I reckon it’ll be a good focus through the depressing early winter. Cold, wet, muddy routes used to be fun on the mountainbike when I had a bunch of mates to rag around with, so hopefully a bit of a lark will come from a run. Of sorts!

Hyde Park rounded off a great feeling Juneathon. Meeting folk new to me was very nice, all a very good bunch, I just felt a bit annoyed that I’m still not up to running. Pretty close now, but to see them trot off around the park while I couldn’t brought home how frustrating and upsetting being broken is.

I’ve had a good leg weekend, though, with very little pain yesterday and none today despite 60 miles at race pace on the motorbike, so hopefully I’ll get a run in about a week or so. Door hanging next weekend may put it off until mid next week – Tuesday 27th is a nice sounding target and here will be the first place to be told if I manage it.

Fingers crossed.

It’s time to decide

That’s decide, as in make a decision, not Deicide (the late ’80’s death metal band, for all the metal obsessives who like a cross reference!). Just thought I’d clear that up.

Juneathon has, I think we’re all in agreement, been pretty spectacular this year. Bigger than before but (despite some grief in late May) still feeling like a little club that you want everyone to be a part of despite the worry that if they are it won’t be the same.

There have, truly, been some amazing days of work done. The weather has been incredible for the month – some of us have seen zero rain, others been drowned. A bit cooler would have been ideal, at least for me, but that’s weather. And that’s just in the UK. We’ve had participants as widely spread as Japan, America and Bexhill on Sea. Proper races from lots and lots of Juneathoners, from first outings to long old triathlons. Pregnant cross training to attempts to lose the likeness to pregnancy.

A broad church of exercise all focused on our (us, the Juneathoners. Yep, you. And me. And him. And her. Even a couple of dogs jogging along.) little event.

And now, despite not wanting to, at all, I have to call a winner.

But first some honourable mentions.

I implore everyone to spend some time over the coming months not to check EBAY or waste a lunchtime but dip into the blog list on Cathy’s blog and read some of the entries you’ve missed. All of them are inspiring and humbling in their own way…i’m merely picking a few standouts that made me chuckle (or something!) lots over the duration.

First honourable mention goes, of course, to Joggerblogger without whom, none of this would be happening. Contact Cathy when you can, Rich, you’re getting a one off prize. Well, two off, really – your daughter deserves special mention for the cycling and all, so she gets the same as you. Details when you get in touch – everyone else can check JB’s site or Jogblog or here when it’s sorted!

Sean at AudioFuel has been an inspirational participant, as well as prize giver to our runner (pun not intended) up. Urban gym and everything. As well as suggesting a meet up in London in July – see the Facebook wall for his proposal and join in! Nice work, Sean – I look forward to meeting you.

Adam has been superb at Fitness Footwear, too. As enthusiastic as the rest of us, again I hope to meet you if you can get to the meet-up with us. If for no other reason than talking you into running, blogging and winning next year!

The best example of how we should all really do it though is Emma. Absolutely perfect behaviour from enthusiasm to…well, nothing, really! An inspiration indeed – and check her previous posts if you get time and want a good laugh. Very funny. Truly slacker of the year!

JogBlog, of course gets the warmest mention. For putting up with me, really! Oh, and taking the effort to sort the difficult bits of this year out. A surprisingly stressful few days in May (robbers trying to take the Juneathon name as their own invention…be careful of imitations and report them immediately!) before it settled down, but well worth it even if it did lead to me keeping up with over a hundred entrants! But for claiming that two (count ’em…One. Two. Ah, enough already!) sit ups, as well as an extra loop of a roundabout on the pushbike is Juneathon, there’ll be no special prizes for you. Nope, not even a Nutrageous bar. Oh, no!

Loads of Juneathoners have raised the bar this year, though. 13 people have posted exercise everyday. 30 days of blogging is so hard it’s improbable in itself. Combined with exercise, it’s a time consuming monster. Can’t mention you all (it will take me all night – i’m a bit slow at writing at the best of times.) but you know how hard it is and I salute you.

There was an epic scrap mid month among the hard-core runners of the group. Last year, Grant won the event. And this year was in a mileage battle with Phil before good old Sorelimbs went over the edge, as only Juneathon can make you do, and lost it! I thought a challenge to Joggerblogger Rich’s record June total 182 miles was on the cards at one stage, but it all made sense after a while! Eva looked strong until other commitments eased her entry, too. Particularly in her favour was the level of support she showed everyone through comments both on blogs and Facebook. Mentions in despatches indeed. A proper Juneathoner in all but missing a few runs!

Facebook has given a new dimension this year. Opening the event up and making judging more complicated. A good thing, I feel, and several worthy members. But not a winner.

The winner. Ah, yes.

Unfortunately i’m going to be hard and heartless. You see, my heart says reigning champion. My heart says EatingTrees. My heart says blogging abroad. My heart says massive mileage. My heart says races. My heart says London to Brighton on a fixed gear bike. My hard side says a dodgy  internet connection means a missed blog day and so not a winner. Unfair, I feel. But not on the winners.

All had problems. But all ran every day. All blogged every day. It comes down to that.

All were…women.




Yep. Proof that they’ve got something special.

And difficult to split. But I must.

We don’t yet have a third prize, but are working on one. Each of you, please contact Cathy by e-mail through her blog or however and we’ll get you sorted. By hook or by something, you all get rewards! Music, courtesy of Sean and Audiofuel and for the first prize the Vibram Five Fingers. Who gets what?

3rd: Sheri. An Impossible decision, to be honest. Just ran further over the month than the next two, a superb race included, but I need to split hairs. A delay on a proper blog post (did get one in  though, unlike EatingTrees, hence the difference) and no blogs away from home are the reasons and I feel bad, but have to adjudicate. Independently. So I have. And hope I’m not hated for it.

2nd: Travelling Hopefully and even harder to split. Support on other blogs, blogging away from home (but close to my home…stopping 2 miles from our door is a bit coincidental!), consistent mileage…to the point of an extra run in sheer determination to get the job done! Purely a hair splitting second place owing to lack of a race and fewer overall miles. I feel bad.

1st. And Juneathon winner, 2010.

Drumroll, please…..


Or, as we know her in blog land, FitArtist. Run, holiday, race, photos, comments, support and, in hair splitting land, mileage! A complete package this year who deserves respect, congratulations and a rest! Last year, she went for a run in an evening dress at a party but Grant beat her at the post. I wonder if that made her resolution just a touch more intense than everyone else!

So congratulations to everyone, especially Adele.

Hopefully my decisions aren’t too unpopular. Judging is horrible and I vow to hand the reigns to someone (anyone!) else next year. Maybe as a dis-incentive, the winner should adjudicate the following year…Emma wouldn’t be alone then, I’m sure! The time taken to keep up is amazing. The feeling of impending doom as more people posted more blogs than I could keep up with was horrible. My “scorecard” looks as battered as many of you, I’m sure, feel.

So. Same time next year? With added Juneathon t-shirts?

ps. I promised to post this on Friday. It was 9.30 when I started typing. It’s 00.10 now, so I’ve slacked even on the awards post. Very poor. Could try harder. And next June, without a broken leg, I will!