Following a pretty nice day at the Juneathon Awards Ceremony in Hyde Park yesterday, excitement may have got the better of a few of us and we agreed to have a go at the Grim “thing” on December 4th. Anyone else fancy joining us?

Nothing better than a few like minded folk to encourage a challenge and I reckon it’ll be a good focus through the depressing early winter. Cold, wet, muddy routes used to be fun on the mountainbike when I had a bunch of mates to rag around with, so hopefully a bit of a lark will come from a run. Of sorts!

Hyde Park rounded off a great feeling Juneathon. Meeting folk new to me was very nice, all a very good bunch, I just felt a bit annoyed that I’m still not up to running. Pretty close now, but to see them trot off around the park while I couldn’t brought home how frustrating and upsetting being broken is.

I’ve had a good leg weekend, though, with very little pain yesterday and none today despite 60 miles at race pace on the motorbike, so hopefully I’ll get a run in about a week or so. Door hanging next weekend may put it off until mid next week – Tuesday 27th is a nice sounding target and here will be the first place to be told if I manage it.

Fingers crossed.


One response to “Grim

  1. Yay. The most fun parts from last year are a)how bits of bark get into your actual socks and b)how I still have a scar on my ankle from hitting something under the water. It was my favourite race last year.

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