Garden Half

Having decided to try and go for a run on Tuesday, I subsequently decided I’d give it a couple of days longer.

So this morning I was discussing it with Jogblog, saying I was going to walk up the road to the fields, run half a mile and then walk back, when she suggested something else.

Knowing i’d be looking daft walking in running kit, jogging a bit, then walking home, I wondered if I should wear casual shorts instead. But jogging in casual shorts is even dodgier looking.

The result was possibly even worse.

The inaugral Kingsnorth half mile has now been completed.

I decided my start up run would be a gentle off road half a mile with a rest day to ensure no niggling pains return to catch me out. A bit of soreness crept in yesterday when I caught myself after an abrupt slide on some wet clay on site, so nervousness at my fragility is still a worry and kept me true to my word.

Half a mile.

Around the garden.

In casual shorts and running trainers.

I started out the back, did a lap of the rear garden, looped into the front, lapped that and repeated in a figure of eight. There’s a slippery stone at the rear gate entrance but I didn’t fancy a detour around the garage to the other gate, so persevered carefully and only had to cross it three times anyway.

3 and a half laps rounded my half mile out right at the conservatory door, only the postman saw me, noone laughed and my first run is complete.

It hardly matters but I was horribly puffing with unfitness, the pace was 8.36 average (with 18 sharp corners and 4 sets of steps I guess I shouldn’t even consider this bit!) and I’ve one hell of a struggle ahead of me to get anywhere near 7 minute miles for 10k that is my immediate target.

Just being out there, not hurting, ready for a proper run if no pain arrives over the next 36 hours somehow seems reward enough at this stage. But let’s see how quickly I can recover my fitness as a near 40 year old who might otherwise be looking for a set of slippers, a pipe and a smoking jacket…



5 responses to “Garden Half

  1. Every year,on the 31st July, you should invite runners to complete 3 and a half laps of your garden – The iliketocount Half. Cathy can hand out water at the 2 lap mark.

  2. travellinghopefully

    That’s ace!

  3. It would get a bit cozy squeezing through the gate, but that never stopped Crisis!

  4. I love the idea of the annual half! Oh, to have a garden big enough…

  5. Hi Shaun, I’ve lost your email! I have a pipe and slippers I’d like you to try out. lol

    Actually I have some shoes you might be interested in. Could you email me please to discuss?

    Adam 🙂

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