Daily Archives: August 8, 2010

Yay. And Yay again.

Somewhow the weekend got away from me somewhat.

I’ve had a tower scaffold to try and work out why the Huge (capital “h” – it really is. Over 5 foot wide, over 4 tall.) inglenook won’t draw away any smoke and, having played with all opening and flue configurations I can play with, I’ve discovered the previous owners, having made it look very pretty, have royally ruined it. A rebuild of the stack or insertion of a woodburner are the only solutions, so I’m going the woodburner route. An 8kw size should make it slightly more than toasty. So it shall be done. Same make as the one I installed in Headcorn should do it. Can’t wait.

While I was about it I sorted the tv aerial (more than 4 grainy channels now) and have stripped the corner of roof that someone clearly had a play with, found it fragile, couldn’t work out how to rebuild and strengthen so bodged with decking and floor boards. A couple of hours, some removed tiles and relocated tilt fillet and re-bedding and new felt and replacement oak instead of deck timber (softwood bodge on an oak roof – heathens!) later and not only should it last but i’ve levelled the gutter, too, so that shouldn’t leak at the slightest rainfall.

A delayed but good day.

But I’m not supposed to be writing about that.

I finally got around to going for a run (after a motorbike outing, tomato pick and potato dig-up for tea).

A bit of minor pain through the week delayed things until the weekend so today I decided that a mile was in order after last week’s half. A slow mile on dead flat ground was intended. 1.08 miles at 7.58 pace was done. Oops for the speed, yay for the distance.

No pain of any description was felt (more twinge in my left knee than shin pain in my right, to be fair) but it’s a little swollen now, so hopefully that’ll disperse over the next couple of hours.

But now I really must decide if I’m to go for professional advice (physio) about recovery or expert in the form of a running club. Maybe I’ll toss a coin. Whatever I do, it’ll have to be quick since there’s a 10k in 8 weeks with my name on it, as well as Grim a few months down the line and I don’t want to mess either one of them up.

Happy happy joy joy.