Daily Archives: August 11, 2010

Mid. Week. Run.

Unbelievable as it seems, I’m blogging twice in a week because…i’ve run twice in a week.

A bit of pain was residing in my shin after Sunday but most ill feeling seemed to revolve around my calves. Rather stupidly, I failed to stretch at all on Sunday and my right calf in particular played right up on it. After a single poxy mile. At average pace.

How rude.

So a bit of light massage and some stretchy bandage application to rid the shin of pain and, despite wearing extra heavy boots in the muddy filth that is my site again, I felt good.

Tonight was supposed to be Dragon Boat race training for the Dover Regatta on Saturday but too few of us could be bothered so it was cancelled. So a run was in order instead.

The same easy, flat mile as Sunday but without the company of Cathy cycling beside me. In the same time, by and large (6 seconds quicker). With a bit of pain to start easing totally by the turn-around spot to make me feel, as I sit here, all good and glowing in pain free-ness.

Just wait until I stand up in a minute and see how that makes a difference!

If the aches stay away, I think a resurgence in form is on the cards.

And I can’t wait.