Since I’m not entirely sure what my goals are at the moment, I’m thinking a very slow, very caution increase in running is about right.

In this style and following a successful standing up experience after my mid week run (I didn’t collapse, twang, ping, snap, hurt or anything…miracle!), I was wondering what distance to attempt today when I thought long and hard about how crap it’s been without running and decided on caution and slow progress. For all progress is better than regression.

So one and a half of your English miles it was. Up Church Hill, around past the church, onto the gravelly footpath until turnaround point and back for home.

After a day racing dragonboats yesterday (only to win all our heats, including the one against the eventual winners, only for our timing and efforts to fall apart in the final and come home second by less than half a second) in Dover harbour I felt a bit lethargic, to be honest, which shows how pathetic I’ve become after 3 months without running. So the current run was satisfying for no pain and a pleasant outing, but a test of discipline in not turning for home despite it not ever going to break any records for either interest, speed, challenge or entertainment.

The first of many testing runs, I guess. But without injury, long may they continue. At least I’m back out there. After a fashion.


2 responses to “1.5

  1. Well done for starting the slow, gradual return from injury. I know a lot of people would just give up!

  2. Likewise on the congratulations. I have been trying to make a return to running after six months out due to tendonitis and know how hard it can be returning to training.

    Keep us updated on how the training goes!

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