Daily Archives: August 22, 2010


I’m forcing myself to keep doing this thing slowly and last week gave me encouragement that it’s for good reason.

After Wednesday’s plod, Thursday saw me with a very sore leg. Not just the bone bit but the ligament and soft tissue around it. Very odd. Not the sort of sore to stop me doing anything; just enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. Friday left a residual ache in all the same places, Saturday a return to painlessness with the bonus of a forced leisurely day at a friend’s wedding.

So today was again pain free. With the promise of 2 miles on the cards. Which I completed around 4 o’clock with no drama and a lot less pain than before. A little twinge was apparent, but keeping the pace slower prevented it getting worse and now, a good few hours later, no out of place sensations are apparent anywhere. My pace was back down to 7.57 per mile average, but no pain makes that worthwhile so I’ll stick with it until things sort themselves out for good.

I’ve developed a plan to increase my weekly “long” run by half a mile each time until I get to 6 and, having matched my weekend run in the week for the last two weeks, I’m going to drop from 1.5 miles to one mile this week but do it Tuesday and Thursday to increase my overall weekly distance by a mile. Next week I’m planning 2.5 then two runs at 1.5 miles and so on to see if things stay good. I can easily stop, cut for home or slow things up from here, I feel, and it’ll get me to a reasonable consistency without pushing things in one big go I reckon so, if it can be called that, I have a plan.

And when I get bored I’ll swap one of the midweek runs for some pace work to liven things up.

I’ve adjusted my targets again and think I’ll leave my next half for a while, instead thinking I’ll aim for a 5 mile or 10k at a pace well into the 6 minute miles. Shorter training blasts, close to home with less time commitment appeal at the moment and I want to see if I can get fast for once before I get too old. Seeing Richard at the wedding yesterday brought home just how old I must be getting if he’s younger than me and looked that mature, so maybe it’s time to stop fooling around and simply sprint for a change. Maybe there won’t be too much time to go for it after all!