I understand that, as I type this, up to several members of the population will be tuned into Channel 4 watching the end of the freak show that has become a summer programme schedule over the past 10 years.

I don’t find myself in that particular category but, each being very much to their own, I can achieve freakishness in my own fashion.

And tonight, Matthew, I couldn’t be arsed to change my socks for my 8 minute outing, so ran in the same black numbers I wore all day at work.

How very wrong. It seems odd that I’ve somehow decided that white socks outside running are wrong but black are wrong for running. For a mile it hardly matters – only 4 people saw me and they probably wondered why a long haired oddity would be running in the first place more than why his socks were dark and not athletic white, but the very act of not changing made me nervous that somehow my body wouldn’t take the run seriously and thus get injured again.


Nothing untoward happened. I ran away from the house for just over half a mile, turned around and ran back. 7.47 pace out, 7.46 pace back. Comfortably easy, no stresses, nicely balanced on my forefoot, just jogging along.

In black socks and silver trainers.

Yes, my old Saucony ProGrid Triumph 4’s are being aired as I recover. I’m not risking going out in the trainers that I broke myself in – I’m not superstitious, I just fucking hate them and resent the fact they ruined my spring, summer and marathon. Bastards. The pairs I trained in are well and truly knackered. My old Pegasus’s are long beyond gardening duties. My New Balances are for short races. I don’t want to buy a new pair until I can run properly since I don’t want a pair ideal for recovery only to have to leave them aside when I’m good again (if I ever get good again. If I ever was good in the first place.). So the Saucony pair seem ideal. Just about fresh enough to run comfortably (I pensioned them off about 200 miles into their life due to their immense cushioning making them so slow I feel like easing into an armchair), cushioned but stable ish.

But silver.

I’ll invest in a new pair as soon as I go over 4 miles (honest!) and can do a bit of steady jogging for a running analyst to ascertain if my injury has left anything that needs correction.

Or else I’ll get some Vibram Five Fingers and go for the barefoot idea to recovery. Just concerned they’ll be a bit cold through the winter snow, that’s all!

2 responses to “Black

  1. I thought that running made you look a bit odd anyway, so it didn’t really matter what you wore.

    Still it is good that you have standards

  2. You’re not the only one who doesn’t have a clue what’s happening on Channel 4.

    You’d be horrified at my sock choices.

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