The 6.50

Having been encouraged to leave the office on time this evening (too much to do to leave early, really, having had an unproductive day of frustrations), I got in reasonably early and went food gathering.

A chilli and an aubergine later meant dinner was picked and I decided I’d nip out for my promised mile early so that I could enjoy my exercise without tiredness creeping in.

But the drudgery of a lonely, single mile meant I wanted to get it out of the way reasonably swiftly so, using the excuse of two runners heading towards me as soon as I turned the corner by the pub, I set off at a rapid tempo (for me at the moment, still in recovery mode) and decided to hold things there as long as I felt comfortable.

Which, as it turned out, was 1.09 miles.

My middle splits were the quickest but the average was 6.50 for the mile. Which, at this stage, I’m happy with. I wasn’t unable to go faster, wasn’t unable to go further and didn’t feel any grief at all so I feel I have a target for tempo running as the mileage builds, the leg strengthens and my confidence increases.

A ray of sunshine after a gloomy day, a depressed summer and some missed running opportunities.

If my recovery continues like this, I’ll be under the 1 hour 30 for the half marathon before I’m 40!

One response to “The 6.50

  1. From your impressive times looks as if you are in good form

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