I’ve just read my draft blog and have to confess it’s possibly the worst piece of prose anyone (even Alan Titchmarsh) has written.

So I’ve binned it.

Suffice to say, I did stuff yesterday, ran in the afternoon, did 2.6 miles (still maintaining my half a mile increase over two runs to increase my total by 1 mile per week and see if I remain pain free) and got home feeling overly warm (still need a haircut. Haven’t decided which one) but generally satisfied.

My focus remains the Ashford 10k in October. I’m looking forward to it, despite being resigned to being slower than I was two years ago. But I think I’ve built up a fairly good excuse reserve for such matters – all that remains is to see how deep into the bag I’ll have to delve in 6 weeks…

2 responses to “Yesterday..

  1. I am sure it couldn’t have been as bad as Titchmarsh not that I have ever read anything he is written

  2. Ha ha, quality control. I have to say about half the blog posts I’ve ever written I’ve re-read and thought, what a load of chuff that was. Hey ho. Sometimes I tweak them a bit, but I don’t think one’s found the bin completely yet!

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