Daily Archives: August 30, 2010

One month

Looking through my stats, it appears August marks my return to running proper.

9 runs, 13.5 miles and gradually ascending individual mileage all seems good in the scheme of things. If only it was all as easy as a couple of years ago when I’d go out and do 5 runs a month, double the distance, quicker overall and not even break a sweat doing it.

But then that was before I began to get broken. Before I tore my calf, before I fractured my shin. Up until then the biggest problem I had was preparing for the Hastings half when I had to rest for 7 weeks before the run due to shin splints (couldn’t get rid of them but wasn’t feeling competitive, so just stopped. Sensible approach with hindsight) but then went out in the race, eased my way through the first 5 miles (all uphill) at steady 9 minute miles, felt good at 10 miles so did the last 3.2 from the timeclock along the seafront in 21 minutes dead. Overall time was rubbish, but I wholeheartedly enjoyed every minute of it.

I think I’d like to get back to those feelings and just let go of any preconceptions in my running and maybe this injury is the launchpad for that.

When I worked in London I’d go from site to Hyde Park for a lap, throwing in some jumps on and off the memorials in a Parkour style along the way. I’d run the tops of the concrete jersey blocks outside the American Embassy on the way back to site, leaping the gaps left for pedestrians to pass, as I did so.

When I was running in preparation for the earlier Stelling Minnis 10k’s with Geoff, I’d go off route, run up some berms, sprint off to pull some flowers or anything to mix it up. He hated it since he was putting his all in and I was seemingly taking the piss – I wasn’t, I was just enjoying the fun of it all for that’s what it was. Fun.

Hastings seafront runs included some bench gap jumping as I strode along.

In simple terms, I’m not getting enough out of the runs to justify my injuries so, in an attempt to enjoy things through the winter I’m going to endeavour to go back to fun running and forget the stats.

Every run will have something odd thrown in. It might be a simple loop of something, a break of stride to take in a ditch, a sprint up or down a hill or simply a stop for some press ups or something, but I’m promising to take it back to fun times.

Today was 1.5 miles averaging 7.48. Next outing will be slower on average, quicker in at least one part but, hopefully, with something silly to remember it by.

Urban Gym for myself in a countryside setting if Sean from Audiofuel’s Juneathon inspiration can be stretched that far. I used to do it. I stopped. I forgot to enjoy my running. I’ve remembered. I’m going to get the fun back.

And if nothing else it’ll prepare me well for Grim!