Being off as I am this week, and working on the porch and downstairs toilet as I also am, running might well have taken a break. But for my fantastic motorcycle.

Booked it in for a service a few weeks ago and yesterday, it being dry and all, I opted to take it in a day early and use the excuse to run home. I was going to blog it yesterday but computer problems stopped me.

Bad computer.

So, a day later than expected, I can confirm that it’s just about spot 0n 4 miles from here to the motorbike shop, that there’s a flippin’ big hill that I didn’t know existed on the route if you use the back road that I ran (the main road skirts the lump and I’m so inattentive I simply didn’t notice it was there. Good running!) and, at 4 miles, it’s the longest run I’ve done since the marathon.

And despite a little soreness when I set out, my legs now feel fine and dandy. Except for slightly tight calves.

Now…Jack’s just called to say the bike’s ready. Do I drive/ride/cycle/drive the sensible way to collect it, or jog back just a day after my last run?

I’ve an hour to decide.


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