Too long

Since I last ran, really.

I missed my proposed hill session owing to being far too old to a) not feel tired after driving a racing kart for half an hour (and slowly…age hasn’t been kind to my lap times!) and b) not feel too tired after a late night (well, comparitively late – about midnight in reality) and c) recover from the previous run because my legs still hurt.

The leg hurting is all new – they feel tired and sore which, when combined with a run, makes it feel as though they are jabbing down into the road instead of gliding along it. As though all my cushioning has been removed during a summer off running. It just doesn’t enamour me to going for a jog when I feel below par for any other reason.

And Sunday was sacked off due to running out of time to do everything and deciding that since my legs still hurt, I’d rather do weights instead.

But this evening saw no excuses.

Setting off saw my slowest downhill run for several centuries (over 8 minute mile pace for the first mile, three quarters of which were the same hill with a following wind) owing to the aforementioned pain returning. I promised I’d run through it and, as I hit the flat so the pain subsided.

A new route towards Rye Harbour was elected upon and the middle two miles were nicely paced along the dullest road I’ve ever ventured onto. The return leg up the hill to site was slow but pain free and, as I type, there is no residual pain anywhere.

Just over 4.5 miles made it the longest run since injury. I didn’t like it, but I think the style is returning even if my fitness is lagging back a touch. Not running won’t see a return to form, though, so I guess I’ve got to plough on through. With winter coming, that might need some decent motivation.

Did someone say Grim?

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