Daily Archives: September 28, 2010


Last Monday seemed to lead me into the despair of a cold and a feeling of getting nowhere with increasing leg pain and slow running. So I have slacked. I could gloss things over with excuses about feeling rough and drawing my windows for planning approval and that, but really I just couldn’t be arsed.

So when I returned to normal on Sunday, the only question was when I’d run. And since last night involved weights, I went for a plod this evening instead.

And for the first half mile I experienced no pain at all. Zero. Nothing. The slightest twinge crept in over the remaining 2.5 miles, but generally I’m delighted that maybe a week off was what I wanted.

I don’t think I should slack more often or anything, but at least it seems to have done me some good.

And a surge downhill to home made me smile at the ease with which a “fastest” pace can be fabricated onto the Garmin log for a run. A slow plod averaging 7.47 for 3 miles was glammed up with the “fastest” tag of 5.35 for all of…well, probably twenty yards! But in the spirit of doing something odd on each run, it’ll do to keep things fresh.