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Two parts

With the plan to run with the boys from work on Mondays and Thursdays, I had hoped to go out on Saturday for a slightly longer outing to prepare for Grim. Decorating got the better of me again, however, and the day was gone before running came about. But a plan was hatched in the pub to run to the long advertised “flea market” in the neibouring village of Bromley Green to make a two part outing and increase the mileage at the same time.

It almost went to plan.

About 11 o’clock saw the donning of shorts and long sleeved top but, as I went into the garage to get Cathy’s bike, it started pelting with rain, so some caulking was done before another attempt was taken.

The run out was via the most direct route to the village. Neither of us remembered seeing the village hall despite several of my marathon training runs being through the village, but I wondered if the derelict building by the slide was in fact it. This being the most distant bit of the village, I guessed it might be but the other route was going to be much longer, so I opted for the ugly direct route out of hope my legs wouldn’t break again.

Well, we found it to be the derelict building. Boarded up windows and all. As well as four (count them…1. 2. 3. 4.) tables of utter shite.

Fleas would have been a massive improvement, as Cathy posted on Facebook about an hour later. Maybe the flyers in fact read “Flee Market” as an instruction rather than an invitation. Of the 4 tables, so poor were the contents that one of the tables didn’t even warrant a looking at.

Still, it was all good for the run since it meant I was back en-route without getting too cold.

With light drizzle occasionally falling, a quick deliberation lead to a “the long route’s prettier” statement and a decision to make a loop rather than an out and back. The longer route is on my favourite road, so it didn’t take much thumb twisting to go for it. But by the second mile, I was wondering how sensible it was since I was well on the way to the longest run since my injury.

A slow first mile lead to a slight increase in pace before I settled into counting down the tenths to home. All went well despite a worry of increased leg pain as I crossed the bypass and I even put in a sprint towards the end resulting in one of Garmin’s favourite “fastest moment” statements of 5.07 for about 20 yards. The avarage of 7.52 pace for what turned out to be 7.34 miles was surprisingly easy and I’m already looking forward to tomorrow and 2 miles with the boys.

Maybe my legs are recovering better than I could have hoped for after all.

Ups and downs

I’ve been experiencing computer as well as web-based motivational problems this past week, so this’ll be two blog posts in one.

How slack.

Monday saw a small outing away from the site towards the mighty Cock Marling but, with a planned 2 mile run I didn’t actually reach it. It was a nice evenly paced jog out and back with one of the blokes from work which made a pleasant change. It was supposed to be three of us, but one forgot his trainers.

Chilly, but good.

Tonight was a return of the hill pyramid repeats and both the others joined in, so fun was had by all.

Comparing the splits with last outing, my pace was quicker for the pyramid to 250m, then a bit slower until 100, then I pushed the last 50 properly and made a bit of an inroad into the overall average. The recovery jogs were much slower this time, though, and my chest still (about two hours later) feels like it’s burning with little bits of lungy cold residue being coughed up on occasions, so I guess the “down” side of the pyramid might be quicker too, once recovered.

If nothing else, it indicates that the speed work I put in about a month ago isn’t being wasted. I think.

Oh, and despite the boys being right with me for the first two repeats (Michael is a whippet over 100m and beat me easily to that point), by the 250m repeat, they were very slow and I finished the pyramid while they were half way half way up their final 100m. But then Will, being 20, was ready for another go by the time we’d got back to the office so I reckon a few weeks and I’ll be beaten to all markers by the pair of them…it’s nice to have a bit of competition to raise the game and keep me honest!

Must put in some longer runs in preparation for Grim or I’ll be flagging by a quarter distance and that simply won’t do…


Seem to be short of  both time and enthusiasm to write at the moment, but on Sunday I entered the Ashford 10k, ran around steadily while not stressing my ankle, finished in 48.28 with Audiofuel giving a pleasant change to proceedings.

That’ll do for now. Might update further when enthusiasm returns.

Givaudan 10k

So having decided I’d not  increased my mileage sufficiently to attempt the race on Sunday, Jogblog contacted me at work and after saying I wasn’t doing it if she wasn’t (a bluff calling exercise I thought was foolproof owing to her not training enough lately, but don’t tell her that!), a return e-mail stated she’d bought two entries.


So my planned run this evening after work turned into a non event after a late cable pulling gang scuppered my enthusiasm and it wasn’t until 8.20 that I shuffled out the door. Having tried to guess an Audiofuel speed that might get me around the course (a couple of slight slopes, me not having gone beyond 4.5 miles since the fracture, not having settled into a tidy rhythm in my stride yet), I decided tonight was to be a guess at a pace that might get me around in one piece and not slower than 50 minutes. 160bpm was both selected and attempted.

Well, it’s not perfect.  I averaged 7.33 for the 4 miles I did, but the times indicate a struggle. Each quarter mile split pace was plus or minus 10 seconds on the average, indicating I wasn’t comfortable with the cadence. I know the slopes changed things and it was late and I was tired (list of excuses number 34 coming up next time!) but 6.2 miles doesn’t seem sensible at such a pace this early into running.

So I’m going to try a short blast at 155bpm and see how I feel on the day. If really good, 160 might do. If not, it’ll be slower. I can always turn the faster one off for the up-hills, I guess…

Excited about a race, though. Oh, yes. Now I’m in and my self preservation gene can be switched off (or at least suppressed for 45 minutes!) I’m very excited. It’s been a while.

Feet To The Beat

I meant to do some intervals after work on my hill on Friday but three hours in a ditch in the rain put me in no mood for anything but trying to get dried out, so I wimped out and came home. But Saturday left me feeling guilty and wanting to run, so I decided to go for it.

 As soon as I’d decided to try a) running with an mp3 for the first time, b) that Audiofuel could supply the tunes, c) that I’d borrow Cathy’s pink i-pod because it was simple, things went misty.

The rain started immediately. Even waiting for the i-pod to be loaded with the music (I thought it’d already be on there…silly me!) brought no ease in the intensity of downpour. Nor having a late cup of tea. So, once again, I decided to get wet.

I fancied the pyramid 180 workout – everyone seems to like it and all say it’s difficult, so that was to be it. Select a closed road, run towards it, warm up and play…

The distance to the closed bit meant I had to pause the warm up while I arrived – the only busy, narrow bit of lane lies just at the end of a 5 minute jog and it’s no place to be concentrating on intervals, but I reckoned I wouldn’t do too badly having a longer warm up and the only annoyance was re-starting the music to find my left foot in time to the beat my right had previously kept. Odd how it jarred!

So the intervals began.

The warm up proved the power of music. The run simply went with no thought for the fact I was expending energy. I was simply a slave to the beat, keeping time as instructed. The interval was something else.

As soon as the rhythm increased, my legs picked up. Rather than risk injury again (and so relatively early into my new running campaign), I shortened my stride and concentrated on smooth. But quick. And was relieved to discover how short the interval was.

The recovery went equally quickly, though, and the discipline of the session became obvious. Equally obvious, however, was the discovery that I was going to run out of flat road. And that, as an “out and back” route, I was at risk of being miles from home after the top of the pyramid, knackered, with a mountain to climb down and a longer than wanted recovery. But the ace in the recovery sleeve is being able to loop around without upsetting the workout. Nice work!

So the 180 peak beckoned..and with it, a bit of an uphill. Very difficult to match my steps to the beat with the incline and I dropped one pace in the process, making it a failure and a 179bpm workout, I guess, but the process proved how good the tunes were at getting me going and keeping me there – I felt like flagging, but the beat kept me honest.

And the other side of the pyramid was horrible – no music would surely have seen a similar drop off in performance as experienced on my hill last time out.

Audiofuel = a great workout.

The jog back home ws the only downer, really. Being wet and knackered, I fancied an uplifting track but the “out” tune put me in a slow spiral of despair. I need a structure to the music, I guess, and will use the warm up track instead, next time, as my warm down. I always was a “Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie Le Soliel” rather than a “Chicane – Sunstroke” enthusiast, but it’s each to their own and it takes all sorts. At least the rewind button exists!

So now I need to match a beat to my stride length to obtain a driving tune for a race. I’ll play around some more, but reckon I might be able to adapt 165bpm to a reasonable speed with a touch of stride length modification and some practice, so I’ll see over time.

Until then…Audiofuel..thoroughly recommended. Intervals…fun. Rain…I hope I’m not feeling the start of another cold in my chest!